Tonight you drift and touch the sky, you dance in lies, do you realise that it's not you?
Hello. Wanted to thank you for what you do and also ask some questions, feel free to ignore me or anything if they're inappropriate. You were talking about how sex and gender definitions are both social constructs. And for me they both doesn't seem to be working and are mostly harmful to a lot of people.

So what's the point in them? What's the point in calling yourself something in the end? I mean, people are so different that you can’t categorize all of them so wouldn’t it be more useful to just erase the constructs we as a humanity have created and act with the understanding that people are too different to divide them in these groups?

And calling each other and ourselves just “a person” or “a human”? Or how about inventing/picking up new words and giving them this definition of a human being that would mean that you have some body and some mind and you can do whatever you want with them and like whatever you want without belonging to any category god knows who invented which would also have some points that wouldn’t work for your personal understanding of who you are.

I mean it as a concept for the future ‘cause it’s clear that nowadays the problem IS that people don’t see that they’re kinda really different and that those “a man” and “a woman” stuff doesn’t work and that they can’t tolerate and accept this difference even if they see it. So there is the need to invent the words for all the ways people feel themselves. So all these “new” genders are appearing and showing people that you can’t have this two category and divide people just by them.

But, like, eventually, we will just end up having 7 billion genders for every person on this planet and there’s no point to it if we can just say “we’re all, the humanity, is ‘styguhij’ and that means that we can do whatever we want and feel like doing and like whatever we want and to look how we want and feel how we feel and so we want an individual treatment for each and every one of us”.

(sorry for all the mistakes I don't speak English)